Biological Warfare Survival

Instructor: David Jones

Due to current events, Dave, the NBC Guy, was asked to talk only biological warfare and how to survive it. In this special presentation, he talks about Ebola, Zika, anthrax, the plague, the coronavirus, and the common flu.

Due to current events Dave will cover all the things to look for during an outbreak in your area and in a worldwide pandemic, including how these things spread. He tells you what preps you will need to have on hand now and what the immediate actions are that you need to take as things unfold.

Dave will discuss triggers that each person should consider when implementing their bug in plan. He talks about how to isolate your family from the rest of the world and about how long you should do it for different sicknesses.

Dave will tell you the number one cause of death in a biological warfare attack and it’s not the sickness itself! He goes over how to turn your master bedroom into a quarantine facility and how to care for any family members that may get sick. 

Don’t miss this presentation on biological warfare and how to protect yourself and your family in this truly unthinkable event.