Group Nutrition Specialist- Preparing and managing food resources during times of abundance or rationing.

Instructor: Wendimere Reilly

Planting a food forest and stocking your pantry are key elements of the well-prepared homestead or group system. But have you assigned someone to evaluate these precious resources for nutritional adequacy? For example, how much protein does each member of your group need to thrive? Survive?

Is there anyone in group with a chronic health condition? A person with high blood pressure or diabetes might be “well controlled” as long as they have the proper medication. But what happens if they run out of meds? Proper nutrition and the “right” pantry could be life saving.

What happens in a rationing situation? Are you emotionally reading to make tough decisions? More importantly do you have the facts you need to make these decisions?

Registered dietitian, holistic nutritionist and homesteading prepper Wendimere Reilly will help you define your role as the group nutrition specialist and create a personalized nutritionally balanced food pantry plan for your group or family.