OMG! (Oh My Gas!): Biogas technology as an easy solution for 3 major hurdles faced by homesteaders & those living off-grid.

Instructor: John and Fin

After years of humanure composting, John and Fin will be sharing about their years of experience utilizing biogas technology as a solution for their sewage treatment, cooking fuel, and crop fertilization needs.

Their presentation will discuss the benefits and trials of humanure composting, composting toilets (they have 5 different brands of composting toilets on their homestead), and how the HomeBiogas Digester System has proved itself to be the best option, in their opinion and experience, in dealing with disposing of kitchen scraps (including meat & bones), livestock skat, and human waste; and how their HomeBiogas Digester systems not only are a great solution in processing their waste materials, but also creates a safe and odorless methane gas for a reliable cooking fuel and a nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer as a by-product.

John and Fin speak at numerous festivals, colleges, and events on the subjects of biogas technology, humanure composting, composting toilets, solar & alternative energy solutions, rainwater harvesting, solar thermal energy as a heating source, greenhouses as sustainable living spaces & multi-solution structures, the legal right to live in a tiny house, zoning & code enforcement solutions for tiny living, and more.

Fun Fact: John and Fin are not employees or sale reps for the company HomeBiogas, but are super supportive customers of the company due to the major positive impact their HomeBiogas Digester system has made over the years on their 16-acre homestead. (In fact, they now own multiple HomeBiogas Digesters.)