Win Against “Woke”: Defeating Leftism in Daily Life

Instructor: Paul Valone

The United States is suffering from mass insanity. Your children are taught that everything you value is “racist.” Your words are censored. You aren’t even allowed to acknowledge differences between genders. Those behind the insanity are not “liberal” or “progressive.” They are leftists. Using the playbook written by Saul Alinsky, they have spent 50+ years hijacking our culture. You can hide, hoping they won’t come after you or your children, or you can fight back – fight back in schools against critical theory, in city councils and state legislatures against theft of freedom, and in society against the racism leftists ascribe to you but which they themselves practice. This seminar will teach you to fight.

Topics covered
 Who is the enemy?
 How the left has hijacked American culture
 Leftist lexicon
 How leftists routinely bludgeon you into submission
 Why “compromise” never works
 How to stop schools from indoctrinating your children
 Why you never seem to win an argument with a leftist
 How to beat leftists at their own game