HAP Summit Classes


Join us to learn a variety of self-reliance skills!

The Total Survivor Philosophy

Since survival could mean different things to different people we’ve studied and distilled the essential concepts that could be applied…

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Winning the Money Game

Principles for you path to Financial Independence: How do you win the money game if you don’t know the rules?…

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Who we are and what we are.How we got here and where we’re going.

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A Practical Guide to Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare Defense

The effects of a Nuclear blast, how far they travel, fallout: how it travels, what it will effect and how…

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Intro to Korean Natural Farming

Korean Natural Farming (KNF) is a low cost, beyond organic method of raising livestock and growing crops. I will show…

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Keys, Kubotans, & Self-Defense Keychains

Violent crimes are going to happen, and it’s necessary to think about and to plan for the unpleasant realities that…

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