Annie Lewellyn

Road to Reliance      Florida

Annie Lewellyn is actively engaged in all aspects of living a self-reliant lifestyle. She lives on 15 acres in Central Florida where she maintains a survival garden, a food forest, herb gardens, berry bushes, fruit trees and more. She raises Zebu cattle, pigs, rabbits, chickens, and ducks.

Annie has been living this lifestyle since 2016 when she moved to Florida to be a caregiver for her father. When she learned that changing the foods he ate from store-bought to farm-raised, and practicing more organic and natural remedies at home, her fathers health improved, she set out to turn her property into a self-reliant, organic homestead that provided healthy food for her and her family.

She now teaches others the skills of yesterday, how to start a food forest, prepping skills and how to become as self-reliant as possible both on site and off.

Classes by this speaker: