John and Fin Kernohan

United Tiny House Association and Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay      Middle-Georgia

Meet “The Kernohans”… John and Fin… the Tiny House & Minimalist Dynamic Duo! John and Fin Kernohan are the Founders of the United Tiny House Association (UTHA), which is arguably the largest tiny lifestyle support organizations in the World with over 67K+ members. They have also organized the 28 highly-successful For-Charity Tiny House Festivals, including what are on record as the World’s six largest tiny house festivals. (They even received a message of acknowledgement from the Guinness Book of World Records for their Florida Tiny House Festival.)

John and Fin are true examples of the minimalist and tiny house lifestyle by living the past 11+ years in their DIY, off-grid 304sqft tiny home, known as Beloved Cabin, and reside on their 16-acre homestead in Middle-Georgia. (Before this, they realized their love for small space living when spending time traversing the canals throughout countryside of the United Kingdom aboard their narrow boat.)

John and Fin, their 16-acre homestead, and many of their unique tiny homes and small spaces have been featured on numerous television programs, networks and news outlets such as A&E’s Living Smaller” (2022), HGTV’s “Tiny House, Big Living” (2017), GAC, JEOPARDY!, Apartment Therapy, Hobby Farms, The Rachael Ray Show,, DIY Network, Apple+, AOL’s “Dream Big, Living Small”, and many others.

In addition to their DIY-built, off-grid 304sqft ‘Beloved Cabin’ and their 148sqft towable ‘Tiny Firehouse – Station No. 9’, John and Fin also have built and own two additional tiny houses on wheels, two yurts, two 20’ geodesic dome homes, three 16’ bell tents, a skoolie, and are currently building a tree house with a salvaged grain silo, and another small cabin, all as part of their 16-acre homestead.

John’s and Fin’s Life Experiences and Tiny House Lifestyle Expertise Include…
~ Being Minimalists while living off-grid with modern conveniences.
~ Expertise is solar energy, composting & humanure, biogas methane cooking fuel creation, off-grid living, rainwater collection, construction (John’s family is Amish), hunting & gathering, minimalism, gardening, poultry & goat raising, building of sustainable & eco-friendly structures, repurposed materials, and more!
~ Helping others live their legal tiny house dreams: Whatever those dreams might be!
~ Living 11+ years in their DIY, off-grid tiny home and experts on living in small spaces.
~ Fin’s Thai and John’s Amish upbringings are influences of their popular interior and exterior designs.
~ Owning, insuring, and living LEGALLY in multiple modalities of tiny homes.
~ Real-time, hands-on experience of building multiple modalities of tiny structures.
~ Having the experience and knowledge gained from being able to interact with 100’s of thousands of individuals and their families through their 28 For-Charity Tiny House Festivals.
~ Acting as pro bono consultants on the subjects of affordable housing, tiny homes, and the legalities of micro housing, for local and state governments… as well as John being an invited guest to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in Washington DC to speak on the subject of tiny houses as a viable solution for affordable housing.
~ Avid outdoors people… kayaking, biking, camping, hiking, hunting & fishing (John), and more are part of their lives.
~ Experienced speakers, emcees, and keynotes at MANY events, colleges, and festivals.
~ Having knowledge and experience on how to lease and purchase land to live tiny LEGALLY.

John & Fin are a couple who love their tiny living lifestyle and the tiny house movement, which abundantly shows in their love for each other and in their support of others!

“Do something BIG in your World… by simply doing something TINY!” – John & Fin

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