Justin Cook

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Justin Cook grew up in the country on a farm in North Alabama. His interests in the outdoors began at a very early age. The pursuit of archery coupled with the curiosity of finding artifacts on the riverbanks and in the fields of Alabama and Tennessee led Justin to pursue his interest in Archaeology and anthropology. Through many years of practice, trial, and error Justin has become a highly skilled flint knapper, primitive archer, and wilderness living skills practitioner. Justin’s archaeological reproductions, arrows, and arrowheads are displayed in several museums and universities across the United States.

In 2015 Justin was featured on 7 episodes of Discovery Channel’s survival series “Men Women Wild”. He was sent to survive on the frozen Senja Island, Norway- 7 degrees above the Arctic Circle. Despite brutal storms and cold weather, he and his partner managed to survive and thrive for 21 days. Justin is currently a self employed arborists.

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