Keith Dudley

Gun S.A.F.E.T..Y. Group LLC      Orlando, FL

Keith Dudley (alongside other trained professionals) conducts various firearms training courses and instruction on lawful self-defense strategies, security &, situational awareness, developing personal and home defense plans, and Florida Concealed Weapons classes. In addition to being a certified multi-discipline NRA and USCCA Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer, Keith is also a certified Sabre Personal Safety Academy Instructor, a certified UTM Civilian Force On Force Instructor. Providing seasoned, ambitious guidance, Keith has decades of experience developing and directing strategic security initiatives in ever-changing, dynamic environments (including business, education, religious, social, and community organizations/institutions).

Keith is a certified Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Practitioner (since 2005) and a certified Florida Crime Prevention Practitioner (since 2009) specializing in operational security assessments, threat and vulnerability analysis, process improvement, and risk mitigation.

Keith is an intuitive leader with acute security/safety understanding and expertise in tactical operations, dignitary protection, and conflict management; excelling at investigating crimes involving violence, property, finances, and narcotics.

Currently, Keith is serving in his 6th year as a Resident Security Agent for Major League Baseball (MLB). He has been involved in several MLB assignments and events throughout the United States as a security consultant.

In 2011, Keith developed the Security Ministry at Viva Church in Orlando, Florida, which he currently oversees as the Director of Security.

With a combined 29 years of law enforcement service, this retired (Orlando Police Department 1996-2018) Master Police Officer/Detective (Homicide, Robbery, Assault & Battery, Property; Patrol Tactical Unit and Gang Enforcement Team), began his career in 1989 with the College Park, Georgia Police Department. There, his duties included: SWAT team member (1990-1996) and DEA Task Force Agent (1991-1992).

As a Desert Storm veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Keith Dudley is proud to have had the opportunity to serve his country.

Classes by this speaker:

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