Lisa Preston

Primerica      Palatka, Fl     

Lisa Preston was born in Alaska and grew up in the timber town of Prospect, Oregon where stores and entertainment were an hour away. Lisa was raised to appreciate the outdoors and not to rely on conventional living. Hunting, fishing, huckleberry picking and wood gathering (10 cords a year) were not only family traditions, but a way of life.

Lisa’s father was a teacher and a Principal, and her mother was a school bus driver at the local public school where Lisa graduated in a class of 11. She decided to follow her father’s footsteps and become a teacher. Since then, Lisa has had many vocations ranging from forestry and forest fire fighting to owning and operating her own trucking company.

Lisa moved to Florida almost 20 years ago and began teaching again. While teaching Civics, Lisa began to realize one of the biggest voids in our educational system was teaching about the monetary system and how it impacts every socio-economic area. The one topic, money, that overlaps almost every area of life from family to business has not been taught in school, even college.

She realized the reason people struggle most with money is the lack of knowledge. Lisa left teaching about 7 years ago with the mission to educate people about how money works so the possibility of generational change could be possible for everyone. She believes empowering people in this area will ultimately provide the tools necessary to take control and help everyone to the path of financial independence.

Lisa Preston will be speaking on the area of assessing income and outgo as well as how to get money to work
for you.

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