Tony Torre

Urban Survival Craft      Miami, Fl 33155

Tony is one of those rare individuals who not only knows lots of things and has lots of life experience but is able to teach usually difficult concepts in simple and easy to learn ways. He’s been a bail bondsman for the last 20 years with lots of field experience in surveillance and fugitive recovery. As a former chief instructor with (OPS) Options For Personal Security one the countries premier tactical training schools throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s. As well as an instructor with Praetorian Worldwide Inc. and Common Sense Self-Defense/Street Combat (CSSD/SC) Tony has been teaching members of law enforcement, private security and civilians in a variety of courses related to firearms and defensive tactics, for more than 20 years.

A Lakam Anim (6th degree black belt) in the Filipino martial art of Arnis and has extensive background in kickboxing, Judo and Sambo

An outdoor adventure enthusiast & eternal student Tony is also a practitioner of and certified consultant for (PB-CAM) Plant Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine. American Safety and Health Institute Certified instructor teaching First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, CPR and a published author (Paladin Press). However, his proudest achievements, are being a father and a husband.

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