Classes at HAP Summit 2023

Join us and learn about a variety of subject matters.

How to Start a Food Forest No Matter Where You Live

Can you imagine walking outside your front door and stepping into a garden where you can eat right from the very plants growing in your yard? That’s the reality of having a food forest. Learn how to get started on your own food paradise today no matter where you live or how much land you…

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Communication Standards and Practices in an adverse enviroment.

I will go over the basic theory of radio frequencies and therefore give a better insight into how to properly plan and use line of sight radios. Then I will go over the basics of the different radios and the positives and negatives of each. Lastly, I will introduce some of the common practices within…

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Keys, Kubotans, & Self-Defense Keychains

Violent crimes are going to happen, and it’s necessary to think about and to plan for the unpleasant realities that exist in the world. Keys and self-defense keychains provide a lot of protection in a small package and are usually carried every day. This Keys, Kubotans, and Self-Defense Keychain course is NOT intended as a…

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