Classes at HAP Summit 2022

Join us and learn about a variety of subject matters.

The Total Survivor Philosophy

Since survival could mean different things to different people we’ve studied and distilled the essential concepts that could be applied widely across the board. In our discussion of these concepts you will learn how they may apply to your unique situation, and how to best apply them. Additionally we will be discussing the power vs…

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Biological Warfare Survival

Due to current events, Dave, the NBC Guy, was asked to talk only biological warfare and how to survive it. In this special presentation, he talks about Ebola, Zika, anthrax, the plague, the coronavirus, and the common flu. Due to current events Dave will cover all the things to look for during an outbreak in…

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NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) Survival

Back by popular demand, Dave, The NBC Guy returns with his NBC presentation telling you about the effects of a nuclear blast, how far out they travel, fallout: how it travels, what it will affect and how to protect yourself from it. He talks about how to build a Faraday Cage for EMP protection and…

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Keys, Kubotans, & Self-Defense Keychains

Have you ever been told to put your keys between your fingers for self-defense? Have you ever experienced how uncomfortable this actually is for your hand? However, the best self-defense tool is the one you have on you when you need it, and keys are a common, everyday item that most people carry. In this…

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